Sara Mitchell
Hi, I'm Sara Mitchell ✌️

For 13 years, I've crafted user-centric designs for early-stage startups spanning marketplaces, B2B, B2C, and mobile sectors. My designs prioritize intuitive, engaging, and delightful user experiences.

I pride myself on strengthening design-developer relations globally, championing collaboration to seamlessly transition design visions into functional products that balance user desires with technical specs.

  • Figma
  • Sketch
  • Adobe CC
  • Notion
  • Webflow
  • Abstract
  • Miro
  • Zeplin
  • Balsamiq
  • InVision
  • Bugherd
  • HotJar
  • Shopify
  • Git
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    Design-Led Strategy & Design Thinking Certificate

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    Certified Usability Analyst

    Human Factors International
  • Photoshop: Teaching Certificate

Staff Product Designer

Electives | Remote | December 2022 - August 2023

Electives is a dynamic marketplace offering live online classes guided by expert instructors for employees. I served as the Principal Product Designer, focusing on the marketplace side.
Some notable achievements include:

  • Conducted unbiased user research through 1:1 conversations, surveys, and group discussions.
  • Transformed the class page experience, resulting in a 100% increase in bookings through the platform without the need for customer success. Previously, 0% of bookings were conducted within the platform.
  • Revamped the onboarding process for learners and companies, delivering a personalized experience upon platform entry. This initiative led to 60% of users booking classes recommended specifically for them.
  • Elevated wishlist functionality, driving a 50% rise in users booking classes they had saved to their wishlist.
  • Implemented a cohesive design system and collaborated closely with engineering to ensure a seamless experience between Figma and Storybook. This effort fostered better communication across engineering teams.
  • Pioneered the MVP development for a membership offering venture from ideation to prototype within a span of 14 days.
  • Mentored and coached 10 engineers in adopting improved UX practices, refining handoff methodologies, and leveraging Figma effectively. The result was a 30% acceleration in development speed.
  • Played a pivotal role in testing and quality assurance for all releases by working closely with engineers, providing meticulous feedback.
  • Collaborated extensively with the product and engineering teams to draft feature requirements, identify fast-follow opportunities, and expedite initial version releases.
  • Focused on driving product-led growth as a core area of expertise.

Among countless resume's and portfolios, Sara's was full of personality, energy and promise. I met with her and in the first 30 seconds, it was a no brainer.

- Lucas S.
Product Design Leader & Product Management Consultant

Upside Ventures | Remote | September 2020 - December 2022

As a consultant, I helped founders and early-stage startups with their 0-1 journey and improving the user experience of existing products while building new product initiatives. I worked with a diverse range of clients including Great Recruiters, Azibo, Mio, Koji, TQ Tezos, Nacci, Kin Insurance, Exploding Kittens, BookOutdoors, and Sanctuary Astrology.
Some notable achievements include:

  • Developing and implementing a background check flow for Azibo that resulted in 25% increase in user engagement
  • Developing and implementing a comprehensive design system for Mio resulting in a 40% increase in user engagement
  • Developing and implementing an onboarding flow that resulted in a 45% decrease in CS involvement
  • Conducting user research and feedback sessions resulting in a 25% increase in conversion rates for Exploding Kittens' online store
  • Collaborating with the product team at Sanctuary Astrology to design and launch a new mobile app that received over 1 million downloads within the first six months of launch
  • Developing and implemented BookOutdoors MVP within 120 days
Staff Product Designer & Product Manager

Five Four Ventures | Remote (NY, New York) | August 2018 - September 2020 (COVID layoffs)

As a Staff Product Designer and Product Manager at Five Four Ventures, a venture capital studio that builds businesses and makes early stage investments across technology, entertainment, and lifestyle, I led the design and heavily assisted in the product management of our iOS, SaaS, e-commerce, and web products from ideation to launch. Leveraging my strong leadership skills and strategic vision, I was responsible for driving the design direction and ensuring the successful delivery of all products.

Working closely with partners, I helped generate new business ideas and turned them into tangible digital or physical products. As a result of my leadership and guidance, the team consistently delivered high-quality design work that met both user needs and business goals. Additionally, I managed a team of design interns and contract designers, providing mentorship and coaching to help them develop their skills and reach their full potential.

Throughout my tenure at Five Four Ventures, I demonstrated a strong commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. By fostering a culture of experimentation and exploration, I encouraged the team to take calculated risks and push the boundaries of what was possible. Through this approach, we were able to develop and launch several successful products that are currently leading the way in the DTC space.

Overall, I have a proven track record of delivering high-quality product design and management services to a venture capital studio, helping them achieve their business goals and launch successful digital products. My strong leadership skills, strategic vision, and dedication to continuous improvement make me an ideal candidate for any product design or management role.

Sara is more than a pleasure to work with. She is dedicated, talented and extremely creative. I learned a lot from her, and our work environment was fun yet productive.

- Jenn T.
Director of Product Design

Waggle Ventures, Inc | Remote (SF, California) | March 2018 - February 2019

At Waggle Ventures, I led the design of an iOS app focused on making it easy to find pet-friendly locations and services in your local area and while traveling. During my time there, I managed every aspect of the product design process, including sketching, product flow, and high-fidelity mockups to ensure a consistent user experience across all devices. Key accomplishments include:

  • Managed a team of product designers and contract employees to ensure timely delivery of high-quality design work
  • Developed and managed the brand's design system, resulting in a 20% increase in user engagement and a 15% decrease in user churn
  • Worked closely with engineers on a daily basis to provide product direction and ensure seamless development of the app
  • Prototyped and defined styles, interactions, and layout using InVision and Zeplin to seamlessly bridge the gap between engineering and design, resulting in a 25% decrease in time to market for new features
  • Acted as an interim Head of Product to create in-depth requirements, user flows, and iterations, resulting in a 30% increase in user satisfaction with the app
  • Conducted design QA on staging and production environments, resulting in a 50% decrease in user-reported bugs and issues
  • Translated analytic and research data into UX enhancements, resulting in a 10% increase in user retention and a 15% increase in user engagement

We immediately hired Sara to work as a consultant on a few of our projects and the results have been fantastic.

- Asa G.
Product Design Lead

The Baby Box Co.
April 2017 - March 2018 | LA, California

Reimagined Baby Box University's product through video streaming experiences, beautiful interactions and a simplified interface to educate new and current parents.

  • Managed every aspect of the product design process
  • Created and managed the brand's digital design system
  • Closely collaborated with engineers and product managers
  • Product design for web app, focusing on mobile-first design
  • Prototyped and define styles, interactions and layout using InVision and Zeplin to seamlessly bridge the gap between engineering and design
  • Design QA on staging and production environments
  • Tested product with Full Story for UX enhancements after each release

Sara is a talented designer with great knowledge of the tools of her trade.

- Colby P.
Senior Product Designer

September 2016 - April 2017 | Woodland Hills, California

Focused on high level user experiences, interfaces and interactions across several BlackLine products from concept to development, existing and brand new.

  • Product design for web app, focusing on large desktop design
  • Highly detailed interactive Prototypes in InVision
  • Closely collaborate with product managers and other designers, mentoring junior designers
  • Define styleguides and user interactions through pixel-perfect comps
Product Design Lead

Mint Teal, Inc
May 2012 - April 2017 | LA, California

High level product design lead consultant for some of the biggest brands, coolest products, software and hottest startups.

  • Managed every aspect of the product design process across web and mobile apps
  • Tested product with software like Full Story and HotJar for UX enhancements
  • Design system process and setup
  • Collaborated with clients, engineers, designers, product managers and executives
  • Responsive front-end development and design
  • Visual content design (infographics)
  • Prototype with InVision for client feedback and design adjustments

Early Career
Senior Visual UX/UI Designer

May 2012 - February 2013 | LA, California

Visual UX/UI Designer

Creative Solutions Group
December 2010 - May 2012

Web UX Specialist

PWS - The Laundry Company
March 2010 - December 2010 | LA, California

Media Coordinator

1928 Jewelry Co.
February 2009 - March 2010 | LA, California

Marketing, Web & Graphic Designer

Scotch Run Farm
January 2005 - January 2009 | Hollidaysburg, PA