The Scope of this project was to design quilting software end-to-end

Providing a digital platform to make it easy to know the exact measurements and the precise look of a quilt prior to ordering fabric and picking up the needle. Saving hundreds of dollars in fabric and cutting down significantly on waste. Three main components needed to be designed:

  • A Marketplace: Where users could select fabrics, upload their own to sell or even create their own patterns
  • A project hub: A place where all of the quilt projects could live
  • A closet: The user's fabric and texture library

The project editor is where the user mostly lives when creating a quilt. This end of the product included:

  • Notifications
  • Project Details
  • The quilt's progress
  • Ability to sell their quilt designs

The block selector allows a user to select a specific part of the quilt and customize it with colors, patterns and fabrics, all while Quiltster calculates the exact measurements needed to finish the quilt. (on iPad, too!)