Check out the prototype on Vimeo for a more indepth look at the Connect Center
The Scope of this project was to create a more robust Admin Hub, starting with the Activities Tab

Mio was designed to work in the background of the chat plaform you already use, but there still needed to be a robust admin product. Users came to Mio requesting specific features to be added, plus some standard features were added to elevate the product. Here are some things the Admins requested:

  • See all of the channels a user is in
  • Search users, channels and external contacts
  • Filter by org in channels and external contacts
  • Remove users and orgs via external contacts
  • See all the members in a specific channel
Mio in Figma

Figma x Mio

Admins also needed a bit more guidance throughout the activities tab, so I added some small but mighty details

  • Helpful tips in the left rail, but dismissable
  • Helper banners below the header, but dismissable
  • Helper text below the H1 in the header
  • A more robust search engine
  • Pagination
I spent a few days playing with the current product as it was
Old activites tab

Old Activities Tab

There really wasn't much to it. The user and building icon in the top right was how an admin switched between users and 'orgs' (or external contacts), so that needed to be addressed immediately... It was missing a channels tab, too. I could see a very clear path to what needed to be done. The rows would become expandable, and the user information would live there. It would be a simple way for admins to see a high level overview of every user, external contact and channel information.

I relocated the icons and turned them into 3 button filters so an admin can quickly switch between the 3 tabs. Adding helpful banners not only solved for admins typically asking the same questions to customer success, but tied in the brand to elevate the look and feel.

User Sync

Another issue for Mio admins in the hub is syncing users to platforms. Example: one of your employees is using Slack but needs to use Microsoft Teams to chat with an external contact, you need to sync that user with Mio so that employee can chat with the external contact within Slack even though the external contact uses Teams.

Old user sync tab

Old User Sync Tab

Some of the features and changes that I needed to account for were

  • Change the dynamic of Synced and Unsynced users by removing that filter
  • A better search experience
  • Sync status upgrades
  • Helper text in header
  • UI upgrades
User Sync Upgrades