Ecommerce and Digital Media
The Scope of this project was to provide a better user experience for, and

By combining all three micro websites into one Ellen Hub, this ensured the user wouldn't have to navigate away to enjoy the full Ellen experience. I was the UI Designer on this project.

The user is able to view each clip full screen if desired right from the landing page with the click or tap of a button. Once a user is in full screen mode, they have the option to navigate to the next clip without having to navigate back to the previous screen.

project Ellen

Full Screen Mode

When a user watches a clip and sees a story they would like to learn more about, the user can simply click the flyout and it will direct them to the full story, while unlocking some coupons to user in the Ellen shop just by participating in the product; urging the user to stay, upload, play, shop and watch.

Providing users with options to read and watch their favorite Ellen clips and articles while giving an incentive to keep coming back, watch and earn unlocked deals boosted sales in the Ellen Shop.

The purchasing experience is flawless; it allows the user to continue to watch clips while taking advantage of the unlocked deal they just recieved.